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CrypTrader - Frequently Asked Questions

Is it safe to trade through this website? Does using it give CrypTrader access to my funds?

Using API keys with permissions on a browser based trading platform is by far the safest way to trade. It does not give anyone including CrypTrader access to your funds.

API keys allow you to only execute trades, retrieve a balance, and get trade history as well as open order status. If an attacker gained access to your CrypTrader account, the worst they could do is trade for you. API keys ensure that your funds can not be withdrawn and are locked safely in the exchange.

Trading directly on the exchange's website exposes you to all sorts of threats from attackers such as cross server scripting attacks as well as phishing attempts using imitation pages ect. If an attacker gains access to your exchange account, withdrawal of your funds may be possible. Staying logged out of exchanges is a good idea when browsing around the web.

With a downloadable program you expose yourself to all sorts of threats on your local machine. Programs / executables can install keyloggers, steal wallet files, or change copied bitcoin addresses in your clipboard, and much more.

By using CrypTrader, you can rest assured that nobody will be able to access your exchange accounts and it creates the perfect barrier to block attackers from gaining access to your funds.

How can I open more than one chart per exchange/pair?

To open all charts at once, click the little coin logo icon located in the upper left of the selected portal.

This button will open a separate page / dashboard with all 4 major charts added, each updating live in real time.

Whats the easiest way to to add new charts?

In the "+Add Charts" dropdown menu ( upper right of screen in top toolbar on dashboard ), there is a search filter text input which appears inside the menu after clicking.

You may type in the exchange and/or ticker symbols to quickly narrow down the list of currencies and find what you are looking for.

The list is sorted by volume by default, so popular coins will be on top initially. You can also sort the list by price / volume change over different time periods.

Also, If a currency ticker symbol is highlighted in blue anywhere on the site ( including in the chat box ), you can hover over it to quickly get more info about the coin, as well as click to quickly add the portals to your dashboard.

Is there TA tools like MACD and EMA ect?

Yes, click the popout icons ( ) located in the "+ Add Charts" dropdown menu ( upper right ) and also in the portal title bars to go fullscreen with a set of charts better designed for technical analysis.

How do I see smaller time periods in the candlestick charts on the dashboard?

You can click and drag over an area on the candlestick charts to focus in on a specific section and zoom to smaller time periods.

If you select all the way to the right edge of the candlestick, the chart will continue to show updates live in the new smaller time frame.

Any of the time periods ending in Hour such as "2 Hour" and "12 Hour" will allow you to zoom all the way in to reach 1 minute candlesticks.

Any of the time periods ending in Day / Week / Month will allow zooming in as far as one hour.

How do I setup my API keys for INSERT_EXCHANGE_HERE?

Each exchange is different, but generally you login to the exchange, go to settings, then find a sub section labeled API keys.

Usually you will have to click a button somewhere to add or generate a new API key pair.

The API key pair will contain two parts, the "key" and the "secret". The key is the identifier (similar to username) and the secret is like a password, as it is kept secret and only used to 'sign' each API request.

The only thing you need to understand about this process is that the API key pair does not provide direct login access to your account and only allows for some basic requests that you specifically give permission to.

Never give withdrawal access permissions to any keys, as there is just no need to do so for the purposes of trading.

Also, DO NOT provide site login information in place of an API key pair, they are not the same thing, and your login / password used to access your exchange account will not work in place of the keys.

What do I get with a premium membership?

First and foremost, your upgrade to a premium account is very much appreciated and helps support the development of this site! The more premium members we attain, the more features, upgrades and attention this platform will receive.

As a premium member you get an unlimited number of "trading portals" or charts on your dashboard.

As a premium member, you also have no limit on the number of trades you can execute through this platform (including stop orders).

As a premium member, you will receive exclusive widgets and tools before they are released publicly.

You will also become a top priority to CrypTrader, and all of your feature requests / suggestions are prioritized at the top of the to-do list

What are the limitations of a free account?

With a free account you may only place and save 6 charts on your dashboard at a time.

With a free account you are also limited to 20 trades per month.

With a free account you do not get early access to new features and tools.

How do I use chat icons?

That is a secret.

Maybe make some friends with the natives who may choose to enlighten you.

How can I directly private message a user?

Hover over the users name in the chat box and the resulting pop-up will contain a link to private message them.

How can I join / start a private chat room?

In the chat box input type "/join roomname" to join the room named "roomname".

Invite friends and have a private party.

Can I change my chat name color?

Yes, type "/color #387894" into the chat box input field, where the #number is a 6 digit standard web hex color code.