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      poloniex CryptoBitSeeker SolarPowered, ever noticed that the Sum of BTC on the buy side market depth number is backwards, i.e. it increases or decreases as you move the mouse wrong 13 minutes ago
      poloniex CryptoPotato onlinehandelen247, I loaned out most of my btc and could take a huge long after the Trump victory...only a small new position since most was loaned out. 16 minutes ago
      poloniex shekels777 btc is red and bela is great well btc :? 17 minutes ago
      poloniex colossus sadly the loan was for a sub 1 BTC amount or I would have my scrooge duck money vault 17 minutes ago
      poloniex Shinn colossus, O.o BTC loan rate that high? 19 minutes ago
      poloniex shekels777 btc T_T why 19 minutes ago
      poloniex colossus Shinn, I had a BTC loan at 2% that I kept for 48 days - ahh that was nice 21 minutes ago
      poloniex shekels777 btc needs some rest need to restock so time to drop :/ 21 minutes ago
      poloniex warmitup Heard another mention of BTC on a tv show tonight, it's slowly spreading into the mainstream consciousness 21 minutes ago
      poloniex XMaRrrr BTC time to take a nap for a few days 21 minutes ago
      poloniex Skrawberries BTC dropping.. bela chance to shine.. bela is the next coin to go 2-10x imo not trolling here do your research 22 minutes ago
      poloniex coinwide advice to OKCoin - make a similar coin like Bitfinex to cut losses for traders 22 minutes ago
      poloniex wbe4ever btc back to earth you come buddy 23 minutes ago
      poloniex shekels777 btc is dropping ohh dear 23 minutes ago
      poloniex tawasne but it says this: BTC from your margin account would bring your current margin to 31 minutes ago
      poloniex colossus ezprime2, do you count selling BTC at 5 being buned? Losing 600+ BTC to Trendon Shavers and 40 to Hashking? 31 minutes ago
      poloniex funnyguy Shinn, oranges and BTC, life is good 32 minutes ago
      poloniex ezprime2 scott-08a6, BTC or others too? 33 minutes ago
      poloniex colossus IanCurtis, BTC went from 33 to 2 - yeah that sucked 36 minutes ago
      poloniex IanCurtis gaucho-80, I remember not too long ago the reddit forum blowing up because Btc hit 300, thats really not too long ago 37 minutes ago