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      ccex Rc1980 If he gets the rate of mcap near 10$ ,then I would say it will be a fair game as little patience by investors is expectable 1 week ago
      ccex ravi2529 Why don't u give a fair advice man 1 week ago
      ccex Samblclover Hop fair 2 weeks ago
      ccex chatnickname and they flood as much as they can to don't let other do a fair promoting LOL 2 weeks ago
      ccex zedlaV Fair distribution. It really will LAND at 1 sat 2 weeks ago
      ccex zedlaV 10000 for KRONE is fair price 4 weeks ago
      ccex vkv This is not a fair rate of MCAP 4 weeks ago
      ccex Stabycroc_@ @1, that why i only support mineable coins , to me its not real crypto if it not mined clean and fair. 1 month ago
      ccex Psycho its not fair its not even 0.25btc 1 month ago
      ccex twicezero Okay I be fair I will invest once it gets to 3 sat 1 month ago
      ccex zedlaV @MINER911, Fair enough. You are spot on. 1 month ago
      ccex 🚀velocity🛩 So sell RKC at reasonable price, which is fair to traders... Not this high, and fall down in the next few days... 1 month ago
      ccex Digging @♔ GreatOrchid 👽, ti cost about £670 here, the vega £1000, a fair difference 1 month ago
      ccex robocop @pela, bixc no fair block in here dead and market not yet too now here 2 months ago
      ccex Mr.BLC but its legal and fair 2 months ago
      ccex Bagi TOA a new crypto didn't have a fair price for now. 2 months ago
      ccex 🚀velocity🛩 @toa2themoon, that would be fair trading ground for traders. 2 months ago
      ccex 🚀velocity🛩 @toa2themoon, that would be fair trading ground for traders. 2 months ago
      ccex 🚀velocity🛩 @TOA COIN, 100sat is fair enough to be ur introductory price, traders can easily catch up with ur distribution price. From there u will know the true value of ur coin. To greedy, wants to raise funds to quick... This will drag u down... 3 months ago
      ccex 🚀velocity🛩 *fair 3 months ago