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      ccex Crypto_rock BASH The LuckChain development team has played innovative in launching a new concept to introduce in the cryptocurrency betting community. It is done by creating a disperse betting platform that is not only transparent and fair but also does not be dependent on customers for using servers or websites for playing the games. 2 days ago
      ccex RGC_99 premine @RGC, Give me some of your 60 million premine. Maybe 1 million that seems fair to me. 6 days ago
      ccex Cryptobuddy Be fair, that's all I say 1 week ago
      ccex Cryptobuddy @RGC, BUt do it in a fair way 1 week ago
      ccex RGC_99 premine he has 99.6% of current supply and says that's fair. Make your own mind up. 1 week ago
      ccex Nawed_ if u all wanna earn in fair way....bittrex is a best option........pumping and dumping is a characteristic of a shit coin...or premined 2 weeks ago
      ccex Nawed_ @Bade Papa, over 50 btc need to create a coin in fair way , in which some of them need to pump and dump,,,after that only collection 2 weeks ago
      ccex Nawed_ stealing other's bitcoin , not a fair game.......and indian dev always try to steal 1 month ago
      ccex VUC i noticed distribution / free airdrops/ they r not scamming they r doing fair business. this is a honest feedback ... doesnt matter our coin have better repo.. but the one who is right is right 1 month ago
      ccex VUC Developor has to bear so many expenses. I saw there was not any ico from RGC coin. they are doing everything which a fair dev. does. 1 month ago
      ccex mrok im trying to write a blog post about an alleged theft, i promise to be fair and balanced 1 month ago
      ccex zedlaV RGC scam dev owns 99% of his "fair" coin. 1 month ago
      ccex zedlaV @RGC, Well you have 60 million I only asked for 1 million. That seems fair to me 1 month ago
      ccex Rc1980 If he gets the rate of mcap near 10$ ,then I would say it will be a fair game as little patience by investors is expectable 2 months ago
      ccex ravi2529 Why don't u give a fair advice man 2 months ago
      ccex Samblclover Hop fair 2 months ago
      ccex chatnickname and they flood as much as they can to don't let other do a fair promoting LOL 2 months ago
      ccex zedlaV Fair distribution. It really will LAND at 1 sat 2 months ago
      ccex zedlaV 10000 for KRONE is fair price 2 months ago
      ccex vkv This is not a fair rate of MCAP 2 months ago