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      poloniex brolltrox2 colossus, ok you can also be in it, but you have to proof that you are rational 14 seconds ago
      poloniex enteleca smallbit, oh ok 10 minutes ago
      poloniex SoullessApples Ok i neeed to get someones attention 11 minutes ago
      poloniex enteleca onlinehandelen247, ok 15 minutes ago
      poloniex VeritasBS JoshuaJBouw, ok 21 minutes ago
      poloniex SoullessApples ahhhh ok 25 minutes ago
      poloniex enteleca MasterOfTheInternet, ok then 34 minutes ago
      poloniex feloune Ok! I'm french btw 48 minutes ago
      poloniex moorsc0de jungii, ok but that has to be private... in some way a public blockchain with that data? 49 minutes ago
      poloniex Triple bringingthefuture, haha ok, but you can go instead so 52 minutes ago
      poloniex MrMotorCycle kmehrabi, your playing short probably..ok. good luck 54 minutes ago
      poloniex kymatica smallbit, ok fair enough thanks 54 minutes ago
      poloniex roman.buehler philip1237, ok so holding, can reach 1? 56 minutes ago
      poloniex wesgen ok thanks 58 minutes ago
      poloniex smallbit tinstafl, Please do not plan out campaigns. If it is part of conversation it is ok to post a link every now and then but planning to spam is no good. 1 hour ago
      poloniex tinstafl smallbit it's ok, thanks :) i was just wondering if you mind if i post belas new site here a few times (once every few hours)? 1 hour ago
      poloniex Bitcoinmillion1 Amir Taaki was found again, so it is ok for Bitcoin to rise again. 1 hour ago
      poloniex cataclysmic @CryptoDali ok, but that's like last weeks news ... and that this would happen was more or less clear since mid January ... why the delay? 1 hour ago
      poloniex silkthenager smallbit, ok thanks, just wanted to make an observation, nothing spammy 1 hour ago
      poloniex lookup FolderOne, ok im on it! 1 hour ago