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      ccex sajmit MCAP totally speculation will never able to win trust 2 days ago
      ccex 40 Yobit and coinexchange are also trading ECN so I don't really know why C-CEX knocks down a coin when they can't be competent enough to understand competition. C-Cex is not the only exchange folks. With their lack of truth and faults with dealing with investors, I just don't know. I used to really like them. Something happened that they have lost the trust from most whales and this should be a wakeup call. My Verge is being held hostage for over 2 months now it is not fair. 2 days ago
      ccex MinerVGA dude that may be true but there are no living nodes for the ecn block chain, trust me I tried, I wanted to buy some, but I have a policy of only buying things if I get a wallet working and can send some off of here incase they delist. 2 days ago
      ccex florin people not trust ? 2 days ago
      ccex florin is i not have trust in this site 2 days ago
      ccex florin and you have trust to spend 3000 $ here ? 2 days ago
      ccex John2018 @Wisetrader, Cant trust these leaders ..We need to get some news directly from AB 2 days ago
      ccex dadaji A 100% trust rating safe ETH smart contract EL 3 days ago
      ccex dadaji Buy A 100% trust rating safe ETH smart contract EL 3 days ago
      ccex Asset Support plz fix XVG maintenance and open for trading. It will generate a huge trust on C cex. Otherwise all XVG holders are seems to be cheated by you. It is the beginning era of cryptocurrency. So think big and give back our XVG. 4 days ago
      ccex Eetje People, do you still trust CCEX???! Tell me what’s a good reason to trade on CCEX? 4 days ago
      ccex moena DONT TRUST C-C 4 days ago
      ccex moena NO SUPPORT, NO TRADING DONT TRUST 4 days ago
      ccex Ronnit @Cryptobuddy, don't trust anything coming out of AB mouth ...he will make u lose everything ....If u wana invest then ETC, ETH, XRP, XMR, BTC , BCH , DOGE not this 4 days ago
      ccex Piakiran just hold btcl for not a 2-4 day pls trust and hold for 24 hours go go buy btcl 6 days ago
      ccex Piakiran just trust one time and buy this btlc set 3000 soon whan wake devloper think about profit dont penic 6 days ago
      ccex MAXBTC mcap dump nhi hoga. i know and i trust c-cex pr to deposit hona chahiye 1 week ago
      ccex ashish1212 guys have trust on me sell mcap 1 week ago
      ccex ashish1212 have trust on me 1 week ago
      ccex John2018 Thats why i dont trust anyone 1 week ago