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      poloniex repn1999-c56a ltc needs a tamon 1 hour ago
      poloniex DontBeScared when is LTC reverse coming ? been bleeding lol 1 hour ago
      poloniex Hal Madmortigan, XMR, LTC, ETC most likely imo 1 hour ago
      poloniex Hal Madmortigan, yeah LTC i agree 1 hour ago
      poloniex Madmortigan Hal, I figured first would be XMR and LTC (since LTC is already on GDAX) 1 hour ago
      poloniex nobrasil2016 What is the expectation on LTC segregated witness outcome of Signalling. Going to be implemented? 2 hours ago
      poloniex DontBeScared i like LTC 2 hours ago
      poloniex Murchadh ShartinMort, Litecoin or Dogecoin 3 hours ago
      poloniex Koyaanisqatsi Herbalist, when LTC was pumping last week loans went to 5% and were all taken.. 3 hours ago
      poloniex AnotherCoin I see only LTC 5 hours ago
      poloniex fallenzz ubg, bad copycat ;) you can see it with btc and ltc 1st matters 7 hours ago
      poloniex chuck-db92 Xoblort, it's a reference to the game of Hearts! in hearts, it's actually Shoot the Moon..but for litecoin...we hit the moon 8 hours ago
      poloniex chuck-db92 I think there's a chance for LTC to hit the moon still cuz it's one of the Oldest Alt Coin eva! To the Moon and BEYOND for LITECOIN!! Loadup 8 hours ago
      poloniex zerovivid DimitriusFX, I think ltc will lag btc. Liquidity and profits will slosh back and forth 12 hours ago
      poloniex AlphaWhale Ltc is great because it's old, fast, more environmental friendly, and it stays the same 12 hours ago
      poloniex zerovivid DontBeScared, People hate on LTC but I think it's a sleeping giant 12 hours ago
      poloniex DontBeScared anyone here in LTC for the longterm ? 12 hours ago
      poloniex cryptotrad3r whats the trollboxes thoughts on LTC ? 14 hours ago
      poloniex cryptotrad3r 14 days left till ltc proves segwit works .. time to accumulate now 14 hours ago
      poloniex dybberg ltc dead? 15 hours ago