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      ccex Andi rij See dash,ether,doge,ltc all r dumped yet but mcap recovering itz price earliest 2 days ago
      ccex 40 Fork of dash From 700 dollars to 10 dollars, plus a new exchange to give coinbase a run for its money 4 days ago
      ccex 40 Will be a fork of Dash 4 days ago
      ccex Crypto*Trader Traders would still request you all to please promote genuine coins like we have here Eth,Etc,Ltc,Dash,Nxt,Doge and gather together to list genuine assests like Xrp,Xem,Xlm,Xmr,Bch,Ada etc 4 days ago
      ccex Piakiran good buy apw poly LTCR drm8 crpc dash fch man mhc tcoine tera tlac uta 1 week ago
      ccex Crypto*Trader Why nobody trade on Eth,Etc,Ltc,Dash over here and always sees Mcap on hotpair 1 week ago
      ccex BitBite why dont we just buy coins like eth,ltc,doge,dash,something like more holder already 1 week ago
      ccex Crypto*Trader If you want to hold you can hold eth,etc,ltc,dash but not Mcap, it is meant for trading and accumulate profits only 1 week ago
      ccex Crypto*Trader Traders trade on Eth,Etc,Dash,Zcash,Ltc,Nxt will surely get benefits without been scammed 1 week ago
      ccex N/ a 1 week ago
      ccex Deepak.P Good coin to hold Eth,Etc,Ltc,Dash,Nxt,Doge 2 weeks ago
      ccex Incakoin™ with a dash of turmeric for the inflammation 2 weeks ago
      ccex Jack M. Helton I think BTC, LTC, DASH, DOGE is a trustable coin in c-cex. 3 weeks ago
      ccex Crypto*Trader Work on Eth.Etc,Dash,Nxt,Ltc,Mcap,Doge 3 weeks ago
      ccex Acp @Stabycroc_@, yeah some dash chick i donno seen her on twitter talking crap 3 weeks ago
      ccex Mamata Plz only invest etc Eth btc dog dash zec in ccex not other all alt coin madorchod chod 3 weeks ago
      ccex Crypto*Trader Buy Eth,Etc,Dash,Ltc,Nxt,Mcap,Doge 3 weeks ago
      ccex Crypto*Trader Buy Eth,Etc,Dash,Ltc,Nxt,Mcap,Doge 3 weeks ago
      ccex Crypto*Trader Traders concentrate only on Eth,Etc,Dash,Ltc,Nxt,Doge you will get great returns 3 weeks ago
      ccex Crypto*Trader Buy Ethereum,Dash,Ether Classic,Litecoin,Next,Doge get rid of scam coins 3 weeks ago