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      ccex vijen Burst, doge, eth, grc, xrp, Dgb losts of coin... 1 week ago
      ccex Acp hhe need to mine dgb with gtx 1 month ago
      ccex Acp @♔ micropickled👽, dont knock the old school dgb miining llol 1 month ago
      ccex ♔ micropickled👽 was put on old crappy server acp woulda took home from shop for dgb mining lol 1 month ago
      ccex ♔ micropickled👽 nicehash has mine on vtc is more money that dgb 1 month ago
      ccex Acp @Stabycroc_@, that vid 12k views over a few months so it can be proper monitzed after 10k , just waiting, it was my old anon g20 protest channel but i put the mining dgb guide on aswell and thats the one they have watched the crap out of. 1 month ago
      ccex pk tomar wat is your opinion about dgb future 1 month ago
      ccex Acp doesnt help i had 20million dgb in the wallet at the end of vid LOL 1 month ago
      ccex BitbeeCoin Hardly many coins are in market To re iterate we have invested 450K coins in POSW and 950K coins in DGB 2 months ago
      ccex BitbeeCoin Bitbee invested 25 BTC in POSW & DGB 2 months ago
      ccex BitbeeCoin Bee coin invested 22 btc on posw n dgb all funds ll b used for bee when required 2 months ago
      ccex BitbeeCoin Bee invested in posw n dgb 2 months ago
      ccex BitbeeCoin @CryptoDreams, we r bullish even on DGB 2 months ago
      ccex BitbeeCoin Beecoin Invested 25 BTC in DGB , POSW n other alts 2 months ago
      ccex Laakir @BitbeeCoin, dgb n posw both r down ....but good....I have booth.....dgb from 2490 to 2 months ago
      ccex BitbeeCoin @Laakir, we have invested in DGB n POSW apart from our normal incomes... we will ensure it wont fall below a required level 2 months ago
      ccex Rtrad3r @RAReaz, Because I'm so bush now with my BIG BAG... xvg 1040 % , dgb 1000% , MOON 700% RDD 546% 2 months ago
      ccex klaus this is my experiment, i have xrp, eth, xvg, dgb, burst, gnt, str, rdd and xem but im trying to experiment if thers a cheaper coin that i can buy with potential 2 months ago
      poloniex ajmboarding anyone else feel a big leap in DGB in the next 48hrs? 2 months ago
      poloniex eduardo_braz dgb is good for hold? 2 months ago