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      ccex DrillTraDe doge pump today good 8 hours ago
      ccex Laakir If u want to b safe...and a minimum profit n can hold 4 long term...go for posw, burst, eth, nxt, note, grc, Acp, bitcf, doge, xhi 1 day ago
      ccex Iskodak Doge is now pumping up 1 day ago
      ccex Iskodak go doge go doge go....go 1 day ago
      ccex bobjoemega doge will back to 160 satoshi in the next few days take care 1 day ago
      ccex 🚀velocity🛩 Better buy VTA @ usd n doge market, then go for a swap. Just like buying VUC @300 sat or less... 2 days ago
      ccex DrillTraDe crpc doge may dump 2 days ago
      ccex DrillTraDe doge go to more dump 3 days ago
      ccex maxnazish Is it time for doge to move as well?? I thing it's time for doge coin to move. 3 days ago
      ccex Paro @maxnazish, You are correct. I got Robo at quarter value of 1 sat doge/usd market 3 days ago
      ccex denic selll you doge it will be again 67 4 days ago
      ccex rudraxzzzz Why doge showing buy and sell order both at same price 78 sat 4 days ago
      ccex DrillTraDe doge move towards pump now 4 days ago
      ccex @rajput @balecha......bro dnt cal me sir,I m nt a promoter of ny coin nly a investor lik u n wen i was new here i lost 2 btc in shit coins in my opinion never go for shit coins nly go for genuine n top coins like etherum etherum cladc doge ripple monreo....... 4 days ago
      ccex @rajput n dats my persnal xpernc too,i had lost 2btc earlier in shit coins wen i m new in crptoworld,bt thnx to etherum etherum clasc n doge i hav Recvr alot,n dats for sure ki u wil not loose in these coins,u wil earn slowly n surely 4 days ago
      ccex @rajput Wer r dos guys who were promoting RObo lol,if u dnt want to loose ur btc nly invest in etherum or etherum clasic or doge......for long term, 4 days ago
      ccex DrillTraDe doge at other place now pump 4 days ago
      ccex Bitskoope doge may dump to 73 and then go up to 90 tonight 4 days ago
      ccex DrillTraDe crpc doge may dump 5 days ago
      ccex DrillTraDe doge absolutely dumpnow 5 days ago