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      poloniex titanum_inside SomethingCool, etc will take so long time 17 minutes ago
      poloniex SomethingCool titanum_inside, etc going much more than that 17 minutes ago
      poloniex etc wait1 April new etc investment 23 minutes ago
      poloniex Bigolas moneymakeran, Transaction times depend on many variables, including transaction fee, network activity etc 27 minutes ago
      poloniex jungii moorsc0de, not even open source calculations, like weather data, AI, other computation problems, cancer reasearch etc 50 minutes ago
      poloniex moorsc0de Draqla, if ETC isnt a fail- then whats a success? lol 1 hour ago
      poloniex Draqla ETC grow instead of decrease, why you call it a failure? 1 hour ago
      poloniex Draqla moorsc0de, ETC is not fail in my opinion 1 hour ago
      poloniex CryptoMystic what are predictions for ETC in April 1 hour ago
      poloniex bry news for etc this friday hey 1 hour ago
      poloniex phair billyb, when you say the 5-6 do you mean the top 5-6 coins in terms of market cap. Eth etc 1 hour ago
      poloniex MrSelfDestruct Zer0andPi, I doubt exchanges will have margin on it. If polo had margin on ETC it would have been in the grave 2 hours ago
      poloniex axiomatic guys notice how XBC, BTCD, etc are abandoned projects. so so important to check last update dates hahaha boy oh boy 2 hours ago
      poloniex ronysaha_2006 i think etc is dead guys 3 hours ago
      poloniex thrivehealth goyal.bhushan0075, love it whalewatcher96, we will be laughing in a few years ACCUMALATE ACCUMALTE btw, etc, xrp 3 hours ago
      poloniex a1234958 is ETC newer than XMR? 3 hours ago
      poloniex Whiskeydink sanatsrv, wondering same thing, etc looking nice 4 hours ago
      poloniex Minhquang1579 ETC? 4 hours ago
      poloniex Whiskeydink etc gonna go big or what? 4 hours ago
      poloniex panjie axiomatic, the odds are against the price going up more, judging by volume etc. but who knows 4 hours ago