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      ccex crypto_investor @LIONS Hunter There is no such coin as dead coin. Just because the value is low doesnt mean you cant trade with them. Dont look at trading only in BTC, check out trade on LTC, USD, etc. you will be shocked how much you will make out of thes your so called dead coin. 13 hours ago
      ccex Rechal ttps:// 19 hours ago
      ccex Rechal Buy etc 19 hours ago
      ccex Rechal Pump start soon etc 19 hours ago
      ccex Alibaba PVT yoc is pumping and dumping by only one people....... i think its dev......he can easily dump yoc to zero like apw, rgc, gelluk etc 2 days ago
      ccex Digging @Stabycroc_@, since we know what happened with etc and bch I would bet not 4 days ago
      ccex 1 It's weird how many people in this scene doesn't even understand the basics like pow etc 5 days ago
      ccex kingsmen like futc,ctci2,rhfc,iot,acp etc 6 days ago
      ccex Leader seller Geluk is a very large group having its base in over 10 European countries including UK, USA, France , Canada, etc. Venturing into fashion & clothing & gradually diversifying to sports & electronic markets. Geluk coins can be traded any where in 40 countries . Sooner Asian countries including developing countries like India will be one of the major players in dealing crypto currencies 1 week ago
      ccex crypto_king pump el guys and promote it easy 300 sat and it is not a scam coin like poly bee xbg etc 1 week ago
      ccex Crypto-Coin what is the status of gbminner ETC payout ..? 1 week ago
      ccex Rechal Biz / Etc 1 week ago
      ccex Crypto-Coin gbminner etherum payout not being release ....big fraud to come soon. sell your mcap and avoid buying gbminner ETC contract 1 week ago
      ccex mafia sell cap save ur etc 1 week ago
      ccex cryptoninza sell it after few day hrs etc 1 week ago
      ccex KV Very soon RHF COIN will be widely accepted by globally well known online portals like Amazon, Flipkart, GAP, Walmart, Overstock,, Ebay,, Macy's, Newegg etc. 2 weeks ago
      ccex Aryaa223 Right some high coin holders like eth ltc and dash etc buy grwi and sell on low 2 weeks ago
      ccex Alibaba pvt alll coins going up...adcn, yoc,apw, etc... 2 weeks ago
      ccex crypto-coin check out Ether Classic ---ETC rate to go up in 2-3 days 2 weeks ago
      ccex RAReaz @Vaughan, eth,etc, acp, bitcf, moon, burst, grc, xvg.... 2 weeks ago