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      ccex dadaji ETHG having the lowest supply then ETC and ETH it can move faster then these two 2 days ago
      ccex RRK ETHG pumping like ETC because ETHG power by ETHEREUM also 2 days ago
      ccex MinerVGA ETC, BTCZ, BTCHC, Linda and NXT seem to work for me to deposit and withdraw but ETC does take a full day. 2 days ago
      ccex RRK ETHG standard coin limited coin.. don't worry... Be positive.. and low rate buy and Hold for high rate.. like ETC 2 days ago
      ccex Smile ☺ Thang god I got transferd my etc here 3 days ago
      ccex Desi Jatt EtherDesk support 2 coin ETH, ETC and ETHG 3 days ago
      ccex Desi Jatt @COOLTRADE, download etherdesk andriod app for ETH, ETC and ETHG it means ethereum communits run ETHG 4 days ago
      ccex dadaji ETH, ETC, BTC, BCH all now Eye on ETHG 4 days ago
      ccex ebada21 2. Import contribution of c-cex, double performance For transactions in each market other than BTC Market, we charge a fee for trading at Bitcoin Market, You will also pay a fee for the transaction of each individual coin (CRPC, TERI, etc.) in the USD, LTC, and DOGE markets. Therefore, trading outside of Bitcoin Market is reasonable because it will double the contribution to the company's profits by adding transaction fee in the bit coin market and transaction fee in each market. However, the fact that the current listing cancellation policy reflects the fact that it does not reflect the transaction performance in the market other than the bit coin market is seriously deviating from the equity. 4 days ago
      ccex ebada21 After exchanging foreclosed currencies at 'coin exchange' of each country with 'bit coin' etc. and sending it to c-cex, You must go through an order transaction to purchase USD, LTC, DOGE coins for each market at c-cex's BTC market. Therefore, the performance of each coin in the USD, LTC, and DOGE markets has been reflected in the results of the coins (CRPC, TERI, etc.) converted into BTC. 4 days ago
      ccex MinerVGA But etc deposits on here are always like that 4 days ago
      ccex MinerVGA Yeah ETC 4 days ago
      ccex MinerVGA yeah my etc took over a day after it was confirmend in the blockchain. 4 days ago
      ccex Ronnit @Cryptobuddy, don't trust anything coming out of AB mouth ...he will make u lose everything ....If u wana invest then ETC, ETH, XRP, XMR, BTC , BCH , DOGE not this 4 days ago
      ccex Crypto*Trader Traders would still request you all to please promote genuine coins like we have here Eth,Etc,Ltc,Dash,Nxt,Doge and gather together to list genuine assests like Xrp,Xem,Xlm,Xmr,Bch,Ada etc 4 days ago
      ccex Silent Trader @vkneel, bro here ethg, ethg, and etc 5 days ago
      ccex MinerVGA Some person called saracoin was saying no. I deposided ETC and it took all day but I got it 5 days ago
      ccex MinerVGA honestly it may take a couple days like when I send ETC to Ccex it takes like 2 days to show up. 5 days ago
      ccex tus btc, Eth, Etc, Doge, Ltc & XPR this all pumping soon 6 days ago
      ccex tus forget all scam coin and focus on btc, Eth, Etc, Doge, Ltc & XPR 6 days ago