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      poloniex IanCurtis i cant believe what I am seeing LTC is green 1 hour ago
      poloniex kneedrag if doge has encrypted messaging and is merge mined with LTC then that means LTC can read the messages? 1 hour ago
      poloniex mektanec /me reckons this month will be good for: ltc xrp bts fldc burst xcp emc2 3 hours ago
      ccex bootleg y buy shytcoin when there is LTC PSB DOGE HMP they r more stable than ur shyt coin 3 hours ago
      poloniex ElChe Rikimaru, no everything is down with ltc 4 hours ago
      poloniex Rikimaru you can tell something is up with LTC 4 hours ago
      poloniex ac0697360 monero and dash will duke it out for 3rd place while ripple and litecoin drop. sound about right? 4 hours ago
      poloniex Kakarachi cRypT0gElDiNG, yeah BTC will probably be replaced by more technologically advanced coins like LTC and Doge 5 hours ago
      poloniex Britbear13 BTC, XMR, and LTC are the best cryptos for value investing hands down 5 hours ago
      poloniex CryptDoH hpanglea, Most likely. LTC and XMR both down today 5 hours ago
      poloniex nucl why does it happen that a whale sells coins of worth 100BTC at once instead of splitting it up in multiple junks? like for LTC yesterday evening. 6 hours ago
      poloniex PnD wbe4ever, hmm correct me if im wrong, but second expensive alt of altime is still ltc 6 hours ago
      poloniex SleepySkiesCole Drez, I remember those days. The LTC on Gox was such a funny hope considering how Gox played out 6 hours ago
      poloniex Drez I remember the BTC-E trollbox in 2013. People were saying things like "LTC to 90usd in 2014" "BTC ETF coming in 2014" and "LTC on gox!" 6 hours ago
      poloniex sulkair Kakarachi, Absolutely. Tone actually concedes LTC could be that guy if it gets Segwit and Bitcoin doesn't scale. 6 hours ago
      poloniex Kakarachi sulkair, they could yes, LTC and XMR come to mind, but who knows, it may turn out that BTC is anonymous enough and scalable enough through 2nd layer solutions 6 hours ago
      poloniex kchiggz anyone knows whats happening to LTC? 7 hours ago
      poloniex Agent86 Bitman101, I put a vinyl decal at one of my businesses with the Bitcoin, Ethereum. Litecoin and Dash symbols saying "Accepted Here" along with VISA, Mastercard 7 hours ago
      poloniex Raskill101 zec, golem, litecoin all going to pump 9 hours ago
      poloniex etoque 44metric, im an eternal ltc pessimist lol 9 hours ago