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      poloniex iamcool SDC big news comin soon 4 hours ago
      poloniex Capricoinn apart from SDC of course 6 hours ago
      poloniex bojangles i was right about pot and sdc no 8 hours ago
      poloniex Capricoinn CryptoBelize, ETH and SDC 12 hours ago
      poloniex Sora 14 hours ago
      poloniex SomethingCool jroy1, isn't that scammer rynomster an SDC dev? 16 hours ago
      poloniex jroy1 plain, here is SDC dev interview:: 16 hours ago
      poloniex joskye 16 hours ago
      poloniex joskye 16 hours ago
      poloniex Lebowski thehiddenconifold, I am a wounded SDC whale. 21 hours ago
      poloniex Utopian Lebowski, what is the expected sdc/hong kong news? 21 hours ago
      poloniex Lebowski still waiting for SDC news on Hong Kong.... these guys are so poor at communicating. 21 hours ago
      poloniex morgenstern-9e53 SDC price manipulation 1 day ago
      poloniex Mark45 whats happenings with SDC ? 1 day ago
      poloniex hellka Who knows why sdc growing? 1 day ago
      poloniex Hipnotic No everyone from XMR is gonna get into SDC 1 day ago
      poloniex MnemonicJoker fonta, Sorry but SDC still a baby. 1 day ago
      poloniex fonta looks like sdc is f giving xmr run for its money... lov it 1 day ago
      poloniex chinomoreno sdc market is replacing alphabay alltogether 1 day ago
      poloniex danielathomeuk GO GO SDC worth the ban 1 day ago