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      poloniex Godlike sdc 8 hours ago
      poloniex Fibonacci12358 You could be right about sdc.. but xmr is way high on the radar 14 hours ago
      poloniex chinomoreno Fibonacci12358, erm no, id say sdc 14 hours ago
      poloniex HuckFinn jonny, SDC will pop up like a cork when it does 1 day ago
      poloniex jonny can somebody please push SDC any higher? pleaaaasssse 1 day ago
      poloniex jonny damn, SDC looks like it's gonna take a deep dive anytime soon 1 day ago
      poloniex fugue anyone think sdc will hit 0.002 anytime soon? 2 days ago
      poloniex chinomoreno mahar.husnain, sdc, market release anytime now 2 days ago
      poloniex chinomoreno xmr is pretty much done now with mimblewimble sdc 2 days ago
      poloniex BigUpsHatter My favorite coins for different niches: ethereum for internet 2.0, bitcoin for digital gold, shadowcash for anonymity, and maidsafecoin for decentralized files 2 days ago
      poloniex TimeIsMoney Probably some of you dont know that SDC got unlimited buy support 2 days ago
      poloniex regenerativemusic I often set my sell stops too low, maybe I should raise them on shadowcash 3 days ago
      poloniex regenerativemusic I was thinking of selling my shadowcash at around cost but I guess it's rising now 3 days ago
      poloniex regenerativemusic you think shadowcash is going to pump? 3 days ago
      poloniex Sip i thought sdc would grow, is there any reason its so low in trades? 3 days ago
      poloniex fugue sdc seems to be slowing down 3 days ago
      poloniex chinomoreno rowgate, sdc market about to launch so ye 3 days ago
      poloniex rowgate BigUpsHatter, nah dude, SDC has been iffy 3 days ago
      poloniex BigUpsHatter Anyone think SDC will replace XMR? 3 days ago
      poloniex BumbleBee i think something crazy is happening with SDC... 3 days ago