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      ccex HunT Support plz provide BCH, XEM, XRP, ADA , XMR, IOTA this time ....lets make this exchange rock again ... 2 days ago
      ccex Crypto*Trader Traders would still request you all to please promote genuine coins like we have here Eth,Etc,Ltc,Dash,Nxt,Doge and gather together to list genuine assests like Xrp,Xem,Xlm,Xmr,Bch,Ada etc 4 days ago
      ccex Crypto*Trader Xrp,Xem,Xlm,Ada are low valued genuine coins must be listed 5 days ago
      ccex Crypto*Trader If so many coins delisted please add Xrp,Xem,Bch,Xlm,Ada,Xmr,Iota 5 days ago
      ccex crypto_promote @Ronnit, sc bcn xrp xmr xem 1 week ago
      ccex Crypto*Trader Support since many coins would be delisted I would request you to list assests like Xrp,Xem,Xlm,Bch,Xmr and also Ada. 1 week ago
      ccex ramzy1979 @Crypto*Trader, Yes support please list Xrp,Xem,Xlm,Xmr,Ada,Bch 1 week ago
      ccex Crypto*Trader Please support please list Xrp,Xem,Xlm,Xmr,Ada,Bch so that we all can trade genuinely without the fear of getting everything lost 1 week ago
      ccex Crypto*Trader @Finch, Thanks, see where Ccex stands after years of trading, do suggest to list good coins like Xrp,Xem,Xmr,Bch,Omg,Neo, and so many 1 week ago
      ccex Crypto*Trader Ccex request to add coins like Xrp,Xem,Xmr,Neo,Bch,Omg,Xlm,Ada so that good volume trading can done 1 week ago
      ccex crypto_promote @Crypto_rock, yes we want xrp xmr bcn xem in c-cex 2 weeks ago
      ccex Deepak.P Good coin which must be listed Xrp,Xem,Ada,Xlm,Xvg 2 weeks ago
      ccex Crypto*Trader Please Please Request Ccex to list coins like Xrp,Xem,Xvg,Xmr,Bch,Btg,Ada,Xlm 3 weeks ago
      ccex Crypto*Trader Request Ccex to list coins like Xrp,Xem,Xvg,Xmr,Bch,Btg,Ada,Xlm 3 weeks ago
      ccex Crypto*Trader C-Cex request to add some genuine coins like Xlm,Xrp,Ada,Xem,Eos and delisted scam coins 3 weeks ago
      ccex Andi rij Um present at 6 exchanges and bought xrp,zec,xem,neo,eth,dash,bcn,lrc 3 weeks ago
      ccex Deepak.P @Andi rij, I wished to have here coins like xem,xrp,xlm,ada 3 weeks ago
      ccex Deepak.P. @loser-MCAP, I also hold Xrp & Xem when it was 2 cents and am still holding 1 month ago
      ccex Deepak.P. MCAP has prospect same as XRP/XEM/XLM which has a working project and that to running 1 month ago
      ccex sharma1857 ALTCOIN .... NEO / LSK / STRAT / NEM / MONERO 2 months ago