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      poloniex PriceMaker XEM broke the resistance & make a new record high 14 minutes ago
      poloniex jackblackiswack23 guenni101, oh nav coin I thought you were you talking xem 19 minutes ago
      poloniex codenetw many coins will be removed soon, xem has a chance 34 minutes ago
      poloniex mkarall jackblackiswack23, hey that's from the NEM/XEM live interview yesterday? :D 37 minutes ago
      poloniex mkarall anyone have price targets for DCR and XEM? or just hold indefinitely? 38 minutes ago
      poloniex wazig what is going on with NEM? 38 minutes ago
      poloniex codenetw you will buy xem 10 times more expensive then 40 minutes ago
      poloniex clamuheim anybody info about XEM? 41 minutes ago
      poloniex codenetw XEM on 1000% ? 47 minutes ago
      poloniex Override I think i'm going to but some XEM today, at a good moment 57 minutes ago
      poloniex Sashwat XEM ist gonna skyrocket! 1 hour ago
      poloniex wolfmen Open champagne -XEM at 3000 satoshi at last :) 1 hour ago
      poloniex shorts Cthulhu, the point is it will be korea's first pump coin, so i expect them to pump it like the japs pumped nem 1 hour ago
      poloniex mkarall DCR, XEM here, but wondering about CLAM and STRAT.. 1 hour ago
      poloniex Cryptogems any news for xem or waht ? 1 hour ago
      poloniex alpha13 xem nice chart 1 hour ago
      poloniex Sarah XEM new XRP? 1 hour ago
      poloniex gizmodo xem high reached 3026 at 2920 now 1 hour ago
      poloniex mkarall hm DCR or XEM or both? 1 hour ago
      poloniex Sirnur xem looking good hmm 1 hour ago