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      poloniex moneymakeran I get my deposit monero after 2 hours , why it take so long time? 26 minutes ago
      poloniex moneymakeran I sent monero to polo but dont receive it after 2 hours , hoe long takes it? 38 minutes ago
      poloniex evodevil1993 genesis mining just started mining monero 51 minutes ago
      poloniex pleasurecoins damn this xmr flag failed on all candlesticks 1 hour ago
      poloniex frajanulloa xmr 1 hour ago
      poloniex SomethingCool XMR getting ready! 1 hour ago
      poloniex SomethingCool xmr pushing strong. Good news guys 1 hour ago
      poloniex lider12 xmr long 1 hour ago
      poloniex moneymakeran when I buy something with monero how long time takes it 1 hour ago
      poloniex werbinger genesis has added monero. stop the presses! what a blessing. not. 1 hour ago
      poloniex MassModz SomethingCool, what are you saying about monero? 1 hour ago
      poloniex SomethingCool xmr trusted setup broken again? 1 hour ago
      poloniex josjepoker fcecchettini, i put all my xbc profit it xmr under 2 cent and now i wait 2 hours ago
      poloniex Hipnotic Sparc, XMR is like the oracle baking cookies 2 hours ago
      poloniex BathrobeBillionaire matthew1horst, love GNT, ICN, XMR, ETH, STRAT, STJX, NXC, and fct 2 hours ago
      poloniex jcapathy beefhair, who monero? 2 hours ago
      poloniex beefhair time for ripple and monero to steal the show oh oh 2 hours ago
      poloniex pleasurecoins flag alert XMR 2 hours ago
      poloniex axiomatic antrom1972, if people like dash, they might check out Decred instead. Monero is still undervalued imo. At the moment im riding the GNT wave with my ethereum 2 hours ago
      poloniex NewKidOntheBlockChain ripple volume is just under monero, wtf. seriosly 3 hours ago