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      ccex florin doge monero ripple wil be futures coin 2 days ago
      ccex HunT Support plz provide BCH, XEM, XRP, ADA , XMR, IOTA this time ....lets make this exchange rock again ... 2 days ago
      ccex Ronnit @Cryptobuddy, don't trust anything coming out of AB mouth ...he will make u lose everything ....If u wana invest then ETC, ETH, XRP, XMR, BTC , BCH , DOGE not this 4 days ago
      ccex Crypto*Trader Traders would still request you all to please promote genuine coins like we have here Eth,Etc,Ltc,Dash,Nxt,Doge and gather together to list genuine assests like Xrp,Xem,Xlm,Xmr,Bch,Ada etc 4 days ago
      ccex Ronnit support plz list BCH, XRP, IOTA , ADA, XMR... 4 days ago
      ccex Crypto*Trader If so many coins delisted please add Xrp,Xem,Bch,Xlm,Ada,Xmr,Iota 5 days ago
      ccex crypto_promote @Ronnit, sc bcn xrp xmr xem 1 week ago
      ccex Ronnit I m too hoping for atleast XRP , BCH , IOTA , XMR to be added ... 1 week ago
      ccex Crypto*Trader Support since many coins would be delisted I would request you to list assests like Xrp,Xem,Xlm,Bch,Xmr and also Ada. 1 week ago
      ccex ramzy1979 @Crypto*Trader, Yes support please list Xrp,Xem,Xlm,Xmr,Ada,Bch 1 week ago
      ccex Crypto*Trader Please support please list Xrp,Xem,Xlm,Xmr,Ada,Bch so that we all can trade genuinely without the fear of getting everything lost 1 week ago
      ccex Crypto*Trader @Finch, Thanks, see where Ccex stands after years of trading, do suggest to list good coins like Xrp,Xem,Xmr,Bch,Omg,Neo, and so many 1 week ago
      ccex Crypto*Trader Ccex request to add coins like Xrp,Xem,Xmr,Neo,Bch,Omg,Xlm,Ada so that good volume trading can done 1 week ago
      ccex crypto_promote @Crypto_rock, yes we want xrp xmr bcn xem in c-cex 2 weeks ago
      ccex DSR But long term. EOS, ETH, ETC, xmr, Xrp, neo 2 weeks ago
      ccex Crypto*Trader Please Please Request Ccex to list coins like Xrp,Xem,Xvg,Xmr,Bch,Btg,Ada,Xlm 3 weeks ago
      ccex Crypto*Trader Request Ccex to list coins like Xrp,Xem,Xvg,Xmr,Bch,Btg,Ada,Xlm 3 weeks ago
      ccex Andi rij Zcash,Neo,monero,xrp r not listed here 4 weeks ago
      ccex Nigam @Maha c mcap - why only mcap as he have so much btc power he can launch another ico token why giving mcap to old investors whether less see the ripple ltc Monero charts when there are bulls in market rate will go on increasing and stock will also get cleared out as liye coin sold 90% of his assets same this token is also made for your price prediction is also wrong he will fulfill his commitment of 100 $ it may take time he only have many ids for becoming famous crypto there are various rules number of token holders number of transactions etc etc watch can u imagine how much etherium has been burn out for this type of transactions anyway I can only advice to hold and buy a bearable quantity in terms of money and wait for some time plan is clear why haven’t given mcap at current prices because he knew that’s the same things he will and will come back in exchange and again he have to give btc again ico is unsuccessful here 4 weeks ago
      ccex G787 Wow GELUK..second cryptocurrency 1 month ago