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      poloniex TimeIsMoney shorts, agee, XRP 2 USD ratio to be near fixed. We have to know Ripple agreements conditions with banks 7 minutes ago
      poloniex shorts Rippler, wasnt nonsense by ripple imho because their goal shold be minimizing volatilty 10 minutes ago
      poloniex Thoth LexLuther, we are currently experiencing some delays with XRP deposits. Support is aware and it will be resolved as soon as possible. 11 minutes ago
      poloniex Rippler shorts, 170 btc wall on xrp when the btc crash happen was nonesense by Ripple..... 11 minutes ago
      poloniex LexLuther Are XRP deposits working? 12 minutes ago
      poloniex Rippler shorts, they soft grippers won't let XRP be free..... 16 minutes ago
      poloniex Rippler This is why STR will outperform XRP this year and forever ... 21 minutes ago
      poloniex lancastercui biodork, xrp txtid: 90807FED54AFFDCEE45EDD72CAA5967737FFAE5ECB8A28B60FD9CE9A9B6B46B7 can you please chk 37 minutes ago
      poloniex Rippler 🐋+ 🐑 = 🐼💲 💰 STR beats XRP 39 minutes ago
      poloniex lancastercui biodork, my XRP deposit already confirm in chain but not appearing here 1 hour ago
      poloniex lancastercui biodork, any problem mith XRP deposit here? 1 hour ago
      poloniex jcre xrp trading goes live on bitstamp tomor 2 hours ago
      poloniex Rippler will xrp 🚽 ? or 🚀 🌙 when it's paired with USD i'm not sure what will happen today ....? 2 hours ago
      poloniex CryptoBelize XRP will will be great if you have 5 years to wait it out 2 hours ago
      poloniex CryptoBelize sorry XRP for 5 years 2 hours ago
      poloniex Snorlax s.getcoins, RustyPaper, I just wish normal people could actually use ripple, tho 3 hours ago
      poloniex GameChanger CryptoBelize, They using the ripple tech but not the coin.. so ripple is dead to me 3 hours ago
      poloniex CryptoBelize do you know 15 of the Major banks have adapted the ripple protocol 3 hours ago
      poloniex s.getcoins Snorlax, i have zero XRP too, but think about to buy 3 hours ago
      poloniex Snorlax s.getcoins, I don't have a ton of XRP and STR to dump so I'm not over here, I have zero investment or faith in XRP and have always trashed it 3 hours ago