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      poloniex MrMotorCycle XRP can buy the best ramen in the house! 20 minutes ago
      poloniex joker3gsm into the moon Ripple (XRP) :D 25 minutes ago
      poloniex poloplaya banks will save 40 percent if they use xrp 26 minutes ago
      poloniex philbrownsey XRP breakinout 28 minutes ago
      poloniex thunderwolf green forest of trees for xrp 31 minutes ago
      poloniex mkarall prob with Ripple is that the currency is separate from their blockchain tech, so it might just not move even if they do lots of blockchain stuff with banks :/ 35 minutes ago
      poloniex onlinehandelen247 MrMotorCycle, i have had ripple for quite a while now, yet it never changes real value, im in since 500 satoshi, bought extra 1k 37 minutes ago
      poloniex MrMotorCycle Bank of America Merrill Lynch,Santander, UniCredit, Standard Chartered, Westpac, and Royal Bank of Canada have joined as founding members of the Ripple network 37 minutes ago
      poloniex Bitcoinmillion1 The XRP story is old now, and this follows what Fidor bank did 3 years ago with XRP. thry ended up dumping it 37 minutes ago
      poloniex FamilyDollar MrMotorCycle, what happened with xrp and western union? did the trial go good? 37 minutes ago
      poloniex MrMotorCycle In the same month Ripple has also provided its tech to National Australia Bank (NAB) for a blockchain trial 39 minutes ago
      poloniex MrMotorCycle By using Ripple , our customers can initiate real-time transfers between their SEB accounts in Sweden and the banks branch in New York 39 minutes ago
      poloniex Duquedascoins whalewatcher96, take a popcorn and watch the panic sell of xrp 39 minutes ago
      poloniex News Ripple/ERP:Mizuho project with @Ripple tech is their most advanced: connecting 480 branches in Japan, Asia, the US, and Europe 41 minutes ago
      poloniex MrMotorCycle who's the guy earlier said that nobody believes in ripple?? 41 minutes ago
      poloniex Duquedascoins whalewatcher96, xrp too 41 minutes ago
      poloniex thunderwolf MrMotorCycle, swiss banks have been using xrp already 41 minutes ago
      poloniex MrMotorCycle onlinehandelen247, 43 minutes ago
      poloniex Ripple:Very Nice piece on @Ripple and latest developments by Carlo R.W. de Meijer 45 minutes ago
      poloniex majkelraz-de00 how big will be xrp today? 45 minutes ago